• An Introduction to Divergence Trading
    There are numerous ways a trader can offset risks in the forex, and one of these is divergence trading. By taking the time necessary to understand the concepts of divergence trading, a trader will lower the risks and increase the profitability of his trades.

  • Foreign Exchange- The World's Biggest Market
    Currency trading is a great investment that everyone, yes everyone, can take advantage of. It is a great opportunity to have a business without the hassle of dealing with people. All you need is some cash as an initial deposit, some pretty good trading skills, and off you go to a successful future in Foreign Exchange.

  • Forex News and Information
    Every forex trader and investor should have quick ad ready access to forex news to guide them in their trading decisions. Forex news go a long way in helping a forex trader accurately predict future currency rates for profitable forex trades.

  • Forex for Beginners: What is FOREX?
    Forex is an intimidating word for many of us, mostly because we don't know what it is. Basically, Forex - or foreign exchange - is just like any other business, where you seek to make profit by buying low and selling high. The only difference is that in Forex, you're buying not things, but foreign currencies.

  • Preparing Oneself for the Forex
    As fast as the action in the forex is its expansion, as more and more individuals are participating in the market. If you are among interested in joining, then it would to your advantage to consider the preparatory steps that need to be undertaken in order to become a successful trader.

  • The Skinny on Options in the Forex Market
    Options have always been associated with the stock market although they are very much present in the forex. This misconception must end as options can be a very important tool for all the currency traders that aim to minimize their losses and at the same time maximize their gains in the forex market.

  • Tips for Getting a Forex Broker
    For a successful investment in forex trading, a forex broker mediating for the best forex investment and position is a good idea. But forex brokers must have certain qualities to be able to really help the forex client win.

  • Weekly 3 Bar Pattern Strategy
    The Weekly 3 Bar Pattern should be used for position trading. This is said to be effective on larger time frames for traders.

  • What Is An Exchange Rate?
    Exchange rate is defined by the price of a currency for a specific country. It is the exchanging of money between two different currencies.

  • Your First Steps in Forex Trading
    Forex trading cannot make you an overnight millionaire, no matter how intelligent or hardworking you are. That is why making your first steps as a forex trader is very important. Your first steps will determine the direction you take as an investor and lay the foundation of future success.

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  • the Fear Factor in Foreign Exchange Market Trading
    Fear usually becomes a factor in making decisions in trading in the forex market. It is a risky industry but overcoming the fear in losing money is a big hurdle for some investors and traders.

  • Forex贸易的信号

  • Forex貿易的信號

  • Forex de Signalen van de Handel
    Forex de Signalen van de Handel

  • Signaux croupiers de forex
    Signaux croupiers de forex

  • Forex handelnde Signale
    Forex handelnde Signale

  • Forex σήματα εμπορικών συναλλαγών
    Forex σήματα εμπορικών συναλλαγών

  • Segnali commerciali di Forex
    Segnali commerciali di Forex

  • Forexの交換信号

  • Forex 무역 신호
    Forex 무역 신호

  • Sinais negociando de Forex
    Sinais negociando de Forex

  • Сигналы Forex торгуя
    Сигналы Forex торгуя

  • Señales que negocian de la divisa
    Señales que negocian de la divisa

  • Den Forex handeln signalerar
    Den Forex handeln signalerar